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Rachel Smith
Functional Medicine Practitioner 

Rachel has been studying and working in the fields of holistic health, fitness, and functional medicine for 7 years. As a functional medicine practitioner, she helps people get down to the root cause of their health issues through functional lab testing. Her main focus in her company, Natural Health Rising, has been reversing autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses naturally. She also works with entrepreneurs and other business professionals to help them gain more focus, productivity, and energy through holistic health practices. She helps clients heal their bodies through nutrition, detoxification, movement, sleep, stress management, nervous system work, and targeted supplementation. Rachel is also a speaker, writer, and the host of The Natural Health Rising Podcast, where she interviews top doctors and health professionals around the world to bring the public information on all things functional medicine and holistic health. Rachel suffered from an autoimmune disease that was destroying her life at the young age of 21. Luckily, she found the tools needed to heal her body and put her autoimmune disease into remission through diet, lifestyle, and supplementation. This sent her on the journey to heal herself and take what she learned from this experience and years of dedication in school, to help heal others from their health issues. Rachel is one of the most compassionate and dedicated health professionals you could ever work with. Her mission is to help others rise up to the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves.

Taylor Victoria

Taylor Victoria is a full time artist specializing in large scale mural projects and canvas artwork. Her work can be found nationally on the sides of commercial buildings, within private residences, in yoga studios, restaurants, schools, airbnbs, and more. Taylor’s creative drive & advanced artistic abilities began at a very young age and brought recognition from family, peers, and teachers. 

At 19 years old, Taylor went through difficult challenges in her personal life. She persevered and did what she knew to do: draw through the pain. Her designs turned her pain into purpose and she began to recognize her creative spirit is the well she draws from in order to continually nourish and sustain her uniquely individual spirit. 

Taylor believes with every fiber of her being that we are all creative beings and that there is a need to nourish this part of ourselves. Taylor feels blessed to have made art her full time positioning in this life. However, one does not need to identify as an artist in order to tap into the benefits expressed creativity offers. Taylor is eager to share the techniques and practices she uses to keep her creative spirit alive. These practices  have been the vehicle that has allowed her to create at the scale and consistency that she does. Whether you are a mathematician, an astronaut (anything is possible), teacher, or someone down to just get jiggy wit it.. Taylor believes these offerings have the potential to enrich your personal experience within yourself and highlight the way you express outwardly. Come tap into your creative nature and see how your life’s canvas transforms!

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