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About The Retreat

Imagine waking up excited for the day, healthy, energized, and connected to your true self and purpose. 


Sometimes life can get hectic and mundane, allowing us to lose our health, vision for life, and creative spark. It can be easy to lose these pieces of ourselves in such a fast paced, modern day culture that squashes creativity, diminishes individual expression, and chooses unhealthy lifestyle choices for the sake of convenience. 


Our goal at Rising Retreats is to bring you back into alignment with your optimal health, connect to your inner child where deeper answers can be found, and inspire you to take action in your life. 


You will be guided through creative art activities, adventure, meditation, movement, and health education for you to uplevel your confidence in making choices around nutrition and other holistic lifestyle habits. 


During your time at Rising Retreats, you will experience rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit. You will leave feeling the most optimized version of yourself, with practical steps to continue thriving in your daily life that will give you more energy, mental clarity, and zest for life. 


Offerings: Adventure, community, education, self reflection, play, health education.  


Learn insights on how to experience the most optimized version of yourself, with practical steps to continue thriving in your daily life that will give you more energy, mental clarity, and zest for life. 

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Health Rejuvenation & Creative Awakening

Julie Harris

I am an avid seeker of personal development and have explored numerous retreats and self-improvement programs throughout my journey. However, my experience with Rising Retreats shattered all expectations and surpassed any other retreat I have ever encountered. It transcended the boundaries of ordinary experiences and delved into the depths of my being, allowing me to confront personal inner child trauma and begin a deeper healing.  It encompassed every facet of my health, nurturing my mind, body, and soul to help cultivate a profound sense of harmony. If you're truly committed to transforming your life and experiencing a retreat that goes beyond the ordinary, I wholeheartedly urge you to choose Rising Retreats. Prepare to embark on a journey that will leave an indelible mark that supports forward momentum of personal growth and fulfillment.


Mariah Madrid

Benefits I received can't even be described! I can tuly, genuinely say I was happy this week. Rachel and Taylor created a safe, raw, and real space that allowed each of us to share, dive deep, and learn about ourselves. We now have a community based on love, health, and true expression of the person inside. I cannot wait to use the creativity tools to heal my inner child/inside of my body and healthy tools to heal physical. 


Glenn Davis

Thank you Taylor and Rachel for hosting an amazing retreat and bringing together such an inspiring group of people. I feel so grateful to have stumbled upon this crew, and will always be grateful for how you welcome me. 


Jaclyn Acuri

Rising Retreats was exactly what I needed. My highlights of the week were the creativity sessions and using art to express emotion (including emotions I didn't know were necessarily there), heal certain memories I had, all while getting to know my inner child more and loving her. I also learned so much in the health workshops. What I loved most was all the knowledge and details shared, along with the tactical tips that I walked away with to help me (and my family) build and sustain optimal health in my busy everyday life. One of the most fulfilling weeks of my life, and I am so grateful I chose Rising Retreats

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